10 July 2018

The Government has launched a new, simplified Public Sector Contract designed to make it easier for businesses to apply for the public procurement opportunities available with its departments and agencies.

The aim is to remove duplication from the application process and to streamline procurement for companies that supply to Government through Crown Commercial Service (CCS) procurement frameworks.

Emma Jones, Crown Representative for Small Business, gave further details.

She said: “The new CCS contract is shorter and easier to understand and takes a more standardised approach. This should save SMEs time and money when deciding to bid for CCS deals and I welcome the approach.”

The changes, will she suggested, make it easier than ever for smaller businesses, who may lack the resources to read and digest reams of complicated terms and conditions, to supply goods and services to the public sector.

The Contract was developed using OneTeamGov principles in partnership with the Government Digital Service and the Government Legal Department.

CCS’s standard terms and conditions are now available online via gov.uk, with only those elements included in contracts which are actually necessary for deals signed through CCS frameworks.

Further details, including the Core Terms and generic schedule templates that make up the Public Sector Contract, can be found at https://bit.ly/2KUoozy.