25 February 2014

The NHS Jobs website will be unavailable to employers and jobseekers from the evening of 27 February until 4 March while the system is subject to a major upgrade.

It will be replaced by a new system which will be a key platform for all vacancies — NHS Jobs 2.

The new service will include improvements to: application forms; shortlisting; talent pools; and reporting. In addition a number of new features will be added including end-to-end tracking; interview scheduling and online booking.

Electronic CRB (eCRB) will be available as an optional, separately-chargeable, service.

A checklist of tasks that should be undertaken prior to the launch of the new site is available here. This explains that, with minor exceptions, all employer and jobseeker data will be copied from NHS Jobs 1 into NHS Jobs 2 and the transition to the new service should be largely seamless.

There will however be greater validation of data under the new system which means that some data which is valid in Jobs 1 is not valid in Jobs 2. Furthermore, some data required in Jobs 2 does not exist in the current system and will be created as part of the migration.

The Jobs 1 application form will only be available on migrated adverts. Any adverts placed in Jobs 2 post-launch will use the new application forms.

Shortlisting will also be different in Jobs 2. To ensure all job applications are treated in the same way, it is recommended that users complete all shortlisting either in Jobs 1 prior to migration or in Jobs 2 after migration.

Shortlist scores are held differently in Jobs 1 and 2 and it is not possible to transfer shortlist scores into the new system, and only the overall outcomes of the reviews will be copied across.

However, this data is retained in the database should it be required and can be accessed via a request through the help desk.