14 July 2014

CVs could soon become a thing of the past as one pub in Dublin is only accepting job applications through photo-sharing app Snapchat.

Owner Ernest Cantillion is searching for 15–20 employees for his bar called Sober Lane. But the quirky application format means that job applicants only have a limited amount of time to make a first impression as their photo “self-destructs” after 10 seconds.

Ernest grew bored of uninspired CVs and cover letters, and says that the decision to use the app was taken to allow the most creative and unique candidates to shine through.

The job advert, which featured on Facebook, dismisses any promise of discretion from candidates’ applications and includes the tagline “let’s hear your confession if you want a profession”.

If you’re feeling creative enough (you’ll be competing against endless cocktail dance routines and fancy dress), Snapchat your photo to SoberlaneD4.

From Elliot Sinclair, editor and writer for Croner