31 March 2014

Pilot project on authorisation

The European Chemicals Agency’s (ECHA) facilitated Enforcement Forum has decided to undertake a pilot project on authorisation.

During its seventeenth meeting in Helsinki on 25–27 March 2014, the Forum elected its chair and vice chairs for new term. Ms Szilvia Deim (HU) will be chairing the Forum for the next three years and will be supported by Ms Katja vom Hofe (DE) and Mr Eugen Anwander (AT) as vice chairs.

In anticipation of the upcoming sunset dates, the Forum also decided to engage in a pilot project on authorisation. The project will address substances with sunset dates that will soon elapse.

The focus will be on gathering experience and building practice and processes for enforcing the authorisation-related obligations.

The project will be set up this year with inspections taking place in early 2015.

Forum REF-3 project

The Enforcement Forum’s third coordinated enforcement project (REF-3) is focusing on the registration obligations of manufacturers, importers and only representatives.

Undertaken in close co-operation with customs authorities, the project is being carried out in two phases. The first phase finished in 2013 and the second phase started in February 2014.

Preliminary results of the first stage show that inspectors checked 528 companies and 3065 substances across European countries.

  • 3% of the checked companies did not register any of the substances they were supposed to register.

  • 14% of companies were incompliant only with some registration duties.

Non-compliance was found most frequently among only representatives and least frequently among manufacturers. The final report of the first phase of REF-3 is expected to be published in mid-2014.