3 April 2014

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has announced it is seeking a new Chief Executive, with a salary of up to £160,000 on offer, “to lead change” and “take advantage of national and international commercial opportunities”.

Kevin Myers is currently Acting Chief Executive of the HSE, following the departure of Geoffrey Podger on 31 August 2013. The latter went on to take up a role as Acting Chief Executive-Designate for WorkSafe New Zealand, the country’s new health and safety authority, which was formed in December 2013. Kevin Myers was previously HSE’s Deputy Chief Executive.

In a statement in connection with the new role of Chief Executive, the HSE said the recent Triennial Review had confirmed its strategic direction and affirmed the high regard for HSE among its many stakeholders.

The statement added that the Review also “identified significant opportunities” for HSE to “capitalise” on its “wealth of knowledge by exploring options for providing some services nationally and internationally on a commercial basis”.

The advertisement for the job listed key duties as:

  • providing the strategic vision and leadership to the HSE to enable it to deliver its objectives in a changing business and regulatory environment

  • ensuring that the HSE operates within, and holds others to account for, the legislative framework and regulations affecting health and safety in the UK

  • ensuring HSE is an integrated and high performing organisation able to meet its performance targets, strategic goals and overall objectives.

The advertisement also re-emphasised the apparent increased commercial focus of the safety watchdog, noting in conclusion that, “The candidate will also have the drive and ambition to identify, and realise, commercial opportunities.”

Further information about the role can be accessed at www1.hays.co.uk.