19 May 2016

A new survey shows that workplaces are not doing as much as they could to improve corporate social responsibility.

Two-thirds (65%) of respondents to a survey said that their office could do more to be environmentally friendly, although a similar proportion (60%) think it is very important that their employer has positive green credentials.

The findings are from an online survey by the Office Coffee Company, which recorded responses from 500 staff in offices with 50+ employees in London and the South West.

Only a quarter (27%) of those questioned said that their company was doing everything it could to be environmentally friendly, while 8% said that their office made no effort at all in this direction.

While the survey showed that many offices appear to be meeting basic targets, such as switching off lights and recycling paper, cardboard and food/drink packaging, it uncovered what the Office Coffee Company calls "a surprising lack of support" for purchasing from suppliers with green credentials.

Just 25% of respondents said that their company thinks that green procurement is important.

Of particular interest to the Office Coffee Company was the finding that recycling of food waste is not particularly high in offices. Coffee grounds are one product that is not widely recycled, with hundreds of thousands of tons of coffee waste produced each year in the London area alone.