31 October 2014

EDF Energy and the Unite union are at loggerheads over the case of one of the company's drivers who has been sacked for allegedly driving while eating a Dairylea Dunker.

Accusing EDF of an increasing number of spurious disciplinary cases, Unite said that in the last year there had been about 20 cases in the metering section where it has some 500 members.

In the most recent case, the accused driver said that he was neither eating nor doing anything apart from driving.

Unite regional officer Onay Kasab said: "The evidence is allegedly based on a statement from an HR manager who happened to be driving on the same stretch of the M25 whose powers of observation are so great that she is able to spot the make of a soft cheese product from another lane of the UK’s busiest motorway."

Not only that, he went on, but she managed to memorise the registration number until she could write it down and put in a report.

The driver's case is going to a disciplinary appeal hearing with Unite threatening industrial action if he is not reinstated.

Or, as Mr Kasab put it: "Our members think this takes the biscuit and have made it clear that if he is sacked, they want to be balloted for strike action."

From Paul Clarke, business writer for Croner