30 January 2014

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued General Exemption E 3749 concerning “Carriage of Methanol Solution (UN1992) on Commercial Air Transport or Public Transport Aircraft within the United Kingdom” (CAA Reference No. 018903) in relation to carriage for purposes related to cervical smear tests.

Under it, the CAA, as permitted by and in accordance with Part 1;1.1.3 of the Technical Instructions, exempts any aircraft registered in the UK from flying for the purposes of commercial air transport or public transport, together with the operator and commander thereof, any agent acting on behalf of the operator, and all other persons from Part 1;2.3 of the Technical Instructions — only to the extent necessary to permit the carriage within the UK of Flammable liquid, toxic, N.O.S., (Methanol solution), UN1992, Packing Group III, in air mail, subject to conditions.