30 November 2018

Businesses can now apply to be included on a list of those organisations able to support overseas firms wanting to set up or to expand in the UK.

The UK Investment Support Directory, which has grown out of the former UK Advisory Network, will provide potential investors with the contact details of British businesses with experience helping in these areas.

Minister for Investment, Graham Stuart said: “We are making it easier than ever before for foreign investors to find opportunities in the UK, supported by our network of HMTCs (HM Trade Commissioners) and global experts across more than 100 countries.”

Entry to the directory is free and will, he went on, provide a great opportunity for businesses looking to further expand their network or to increase their visibility to foreign investors across new international markets.

Applications to be listed in the new directory will remain open until 17 December. Businesses will find out if their application has been successful early next year with the new directory expected to launch in the spring of 2019. There will be further opportunities to apply for those who are unsuccessful.

Applicants are asked to compete a form available at https://bit.ly/2OTZQYy and to send it to investmentdirectoryapplications@trade.gov.uk.

The Department for International Trade (DIT) said: “We are hoping to receive applications from firms across a wide range of service sectors throughout the UK, including, but not limited to, accountants, lawyers, management consultants and publicity professionals (section 4 of application form).”