20 May 2015

The DfT has initiated Multilateral Special Agreement (MSA) M284. Initiated under paragraph 1.5.1 of Annex A of ADR, it concerns the carriage of flammable viscous liquids which are also environmentally hazardous when transported in receptacles not exceeding 5 litres.

The MSA derogates from the provisions of ADR, so that viscous liquids which are also environmentally hazardous, but meet all other criteria in, are not subject to any other provisions of ADR when they are carried in single or combination packagings containing a net quantity per single or inner packaging of 5 litres or less, provided the packagings meet the general provisions of, and to

The Agreement shall be valid until 31 December 2016 for carriage on the territories of those ADR Contracting Parties signatory to this Agreement. To determine which countries it is acceptable under, visit the UN ECE website.

Note: once signed by at least one other ADR Contracting State, the MSA becomes effective and can be applied domestically in the UK. For shipment to any other ADR Contracting State that has signed the MSA, the carriage must take place through the Channel Tunnel (not by sea ferry) and be signed by France, the destination country and all other countries over which the goods are to be transported.