Face coverings for employees on public transport

24 July 2020

Mike Sopp considers the issue of whether employers should be providing face masks or coverings for those employees who have to use public transport to get to work during the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus and risk assessing vulnerable employees

17 July 2020

Government guidance states that employers “should have particular regard to whether the people doing the work are especially vulnerable to Covid-19”. Mike Sopp offers some practical suggestions.

Risk assessment in adult social care

17 July 2020

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) stress the need for risk assessments to be “proportionate” and “balanced” and to reflect a common-sense approach where health and safety are an integral part of running an organisation.

How to use the Care Inspection Audit Tool

13 July 2020

Inspections are carried out in just one or two days, but your “internal inspecting” should be continuous and it is important to cover all key areas described in the CQC Key Lines of Enquiry systematically. This is where the interactive Inspection Audit Tool is invaluable. We explain how to use it.

“Recovering” as a care service from coronavirus

13 July 2020

The World Health Organisation announced in March that the rapid spread of Covid-19 around the world could be termed a “pandemic”, therefore creating a crisis for every government’s public health authorities. Governments had to act quickly to impose measures to reduce the imminent spread of this “novel” virus in their country and to provide effective care and treatment for those who contracted it. Care expert Chris Payne looks at where we are now, the opportunity for reflection on its impact and the potential way forward for care services.

Covid-19: challenges for service users with learning disability or autism

2 July 2020

The global coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has been an immeasurable source of anxiety, fear, uncertainty and stress, all of which are normal reactions to this evolving situation. In this article, Deborah Bellamy explains how these reactions are likely to have intensified for service users in adult residential care settings with learning disabilities or autism, and the particular challenges of caring for this group.

Mental health at work and suicide prevention

30 June 2020

The stress, disruption and isolation of the coronavirus pandemic is having a severe mental health impact. More people are being trained to help those feeling suicidal. The key message, as part of a wider drive to reassure those under duress, is that they are not alone and help is not far away, writes Jon Herbert.