Help on the journey to net zero

27 April 2022

The Carbon Trust’s new Route to Net Zero standard offers guidance to businesses of all kinds, in all geographical locations as they embark on the journey to net zero. Smaller businesses which may have been daunted by the rigorous demands of science-based targets may find this a gentler path which will grant recognition of their first steps towards emissions reduction.

What impact has the pandemic had on employee mental health?

27 April 2022

The Government’s Office for Health Improvement and Disparities recently published its updated Covid-19 mental health and wellbeing surveillance report. This report looks at population mental health and wellbeing in England during the coronavirus pandemic. Its information is used when deciding on policy, planning and commissioning in health and social care. However, individual organisations can also benefit from the findings of the report and use these to develop their own HR strategies.

Protecting your ideas

27 April 2022

All businesses need to innovate to remain competitive in their markets. But how does your company protect these innovations, asks Dave Howell?

Green claims: getting the right message across

26 April 2022

Green consumerism is on the rise and businesses are scrambling to attract the attention of an emerging eco-savvy consumer market. But what are the rules governing “green claims” and how do businesses know what claims are permitted and what are not? In this article, John Barwise looks at the Green Claims Code, designed to help businesses comply with consumer protection law when making environmental claims.

Country Profile — Spain

25 April 2022

With British investment on the rise in new industries ranging from data centres to renewable power, there is so much more to modern Spain than soccer and sangria.

UK energy security strategy

22 April 2022

The Government’s recently published energy security strategy aims to fast-track “home grown” fossil fuels, expand nuclear power, build more windfarms, and much more. John Barwise looks at the headliners — and what’s missing — and assesses whether the strategy can deliver on the UK’s future energy needs.