Safeguarding and the school governor

21 August 2013

School governors have a key role to play in the safeguarding of children. Public enquiries and investigations into child deaths and abuse have consistently highlighted the need for everyone to work together on protecting children, and for those in influential positions in organisations working with children to have a clear understanding of safeguarding policies, procedures and duties. Martin Hodgson reports.

Legal update – August 2013

12 August 2013

John Fowler writes on the Children and Families Bill and the statutory arrangements behind the new National Curriculum.

Children’s vulnerability to asbestos fibres

23 July 2013

For some time, concerns have grown that children are more vulnerable to asbestos fibres than adults. It has been suggested that, as a child’s lungs are still developing, he or she may be more vulnerable to contracting asbestos-related diseases than adults. With asbestos in schools such an emotive issue, this is clearly a sensitive question. Nigel Bryson considers the challenges ahead.

Learning from the SEND pathfinder programmes

21 July 2013

As the pathfinder programmes continue to trial the special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) reform proposals, Suzanne O’Connell considers the emerging messages.

The strategic role of the school governor

2 July 2013

Governors do not manage a school. That is the role of the Head and the senior leadership team. However, says Martin Hodgson, governors are responsible for influencing the strategic direction and vision of the school and for supporting the Head and his or her staff in achieving that vision.

Reform of the curriculum — the implications for schools

26 June 2013

Despite its drive to convert as many schools as possible to academy status, freeing them from the requirement to follow the National Curriculum, the Government is pushing ahead with its programme of changes to the latter. Tony Powell looks at the proposals for change and assesses what impact they will have on schools.

Legal update – June 2013

19 June 2013

John Fowler reports on the special educational needs (SEN) Code of Practice and the related clauses in the Children and Families Bill 2012-13.