Coronavirus in schools and early years settings

3 March 2021

What is coronavirus and what can schools and early years providers do to keep their pupils and children safe? Martin Hodgson provides comprehensive coverage of all the appropriate guidance.

Social justice and sustainability

2 March 2021

Covid-19 has served to highlight systemic injustices in our society. Here, Laura King looks at how organisations can incorporate social justice into their sustainability programme.

Home office set up: a pain in the neck?

2 March 2021

Compared to 2019, musculoskeletal injuries are on the rise with homeworking likely to be the primary culprit. Laura King considers the causes and solutions.

Coronavirus in care settings

1 March 2021

What is coronavirus and what can care providers do to keep their service users and staff safe? This article provides a round-up of essential information for care settings, including PPE, testing, high-risk individuals, visiting and social distancing.

Brexit rule change guidance published

1 March 2021

New guidance on the rules and procedures UK businesses must follow when placing chemicals and work equipment and machinery on the UK and European markets now the UK has left the EU has been published by HSE and the UK Government.

Getting sound advice

1 March 2021

Commissioning competent technical advice on noise exposure control can be a daunting prospect, so new guidance has been published to help employers procure the help of a suitable expert, says Professor Kevin Bampton.

Measure up

1 March 2021

Personal noise dosimeters and sound level meters can provide a picture of noise exposure and sources within a workplace, says Tim Turney.