Towards net zero

22 September 2021

Many businesses and organisations have announced their intention to become carbon net zero. This is possible for larger companies, but what about the small business community?

Trading with Northern Ireland

21 September 2021

When the UK left the European Union, special arrangements were put in place for trading with Northern Ireland. Here we examine the current operation of the protocol.

Country Profile — Oman

21 September 2021

A familiar and established market in the Middle East Gulf, Oman is a country ready to do business with UK exporters as its economy diversifies and expands.

International direct selling

16 September 2021

For many years, most exporters have relied on local representation to generate business in other countries. Exporters have typically found it invaluable to have a way of achieving a physical presence in each target market, such as a distributor, a commercial agent, a sales representative or franchisee. This is still the way that most exporters work, but in this feature we look at how the growth of e-commerce is making other methods more feasible and Covid-19 may have hastened a process of change.

EU exit watch — Brexit bites back

7 September 2021

During the weeks immediately after the UK left the European Union, Government ministers were quick to dismiss initial difficulties as teething problems with the implication that, once these were sorted out, the promised advantages would come on stream.

Versatility in the supply chain

31 August 2021

Businesses have been going through one of the most tumultuous periods in living memory. Brexit and Covid have had serious, but wildly varying impacts on performance. Do we assume that these are exceptional circumstances and look forward to a return to normal sometime soon? Or has the game changed permanently? We discuss the supply chain.

New trade preference scheme for developing countries

19 August 2021

A new UK trade preference scheme to grow trade with developing countries is being proposed by the Government. The so-called Developing Countries Trading Scheme will take effect in 2022 and will replace the UK’s current Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP) which itself replaced and largely replicated the EU’s GSP from 1 January 2021.

Country Profile — Ireland

11 August 2021

The Republic of Ireland, an EU member, is a market that is integral to the UK and widely perceived as an ideal starter market for new exporters.

EU exit watch — the unanswerable question

4 August 2021

In a sharp critique of the Northern Ireland Protocol this month, the well-known Irish writer Fintan O'Toole said: “If you ask a stupid question, you get a stupid answer”.