Fire risk assessors

24 March 2021

Mike Sopp reports on important changes relating to competency.

Sleep-in payments and the National Minimum Wage

24 March 2021

Ben McCarthy, lead researcher and employment law writer at Croner-i reviews the recent Supreme Court findings on the payment of the National Minimum Wage (NMW) to workers on “sleep-in” shifts and discusses the practical complexities facing employers following this landmark ruling.

Coronavirus vaccine and your employees — HR considerations

23 March 2021

A vaccine to prevent serious health effects from coronavirus has been developed and made available to the public. In this article, Nicola Mullineux, Group Content Manager at Croner-i explores the top questions employers may have surrounding the vaccine, such as requiring employees to be vaccinated and more.

Conquering Covid

22 March 2021

New internationally-agreed guidelines aim to make it easier for organisations everywhere to manage the risks posed by Covid-19 at work, says Dr Keith Whitehead.

Let’s not fall for it

22 March 2021

A new charity aims to prevent deadly falls from height by encouraging research into the behavioural changes needed to make work at height safer, says Hannah Williams.

Stepping up to the standard

22 March 2021

When purchasing portable ladders it is vital to check the equipment has been independently certified to meet the new BS EN 131 standard, says Francis Camilleri.

The Government should fund all cladding removal

22 March 2021

The Government’s recently announced plans to fund the removal of unsafe cladding from residential buildings over 18 metres high does not go far enough, argues Jonathan O’Neill.

The cladding crisis is far from over

22 March 2021

The Government has announced an extra £3.5 billion in funding to remove flammable cladding from residential buildings, but a shortage of contractors to carry out the work means people will be living in potentially unsafe homes for years to come, says Nigel Glen from the Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA).

Legal registers explained

22 March 2021

Companies are not required to have a legal register. However, if they are operating in areas in which compliance with a wide range of rules and regulations is necessary, it is difficult to see how they could meet their obligations without a proper system in place. Paul Clarke explains what a legal register is and how it can be a practical tool that improves efficiency and helps to reduce costly mistakes.