Fork lift truck safety

22 October 2021

The UKMHA (the UK Material Handling Association), which consists of the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) and the British Industrial Truck Association (BITA), runs an annual safety campaign called Safety Drive throughout October. Britain sees 1100 fork lift truck accidents a year so this is a timely reminder to consider the safety issues associated with this equipment, as Grainne Kelly reports.

Forthcoming trade November events 2021

21 October 2021

This regularly updated events calendar notifies importers and exporters of forthcoming conferences, seminars/workshops, trade shows, trade missions and networking opportunities worldwide.

Future trade policy and free trade agreements

21 October 2021

In a speech last month, Liz Truss, the then International Trade Secretary, set out Britain’s new trade policy. She said the strategy is grounded in the fundamental changes happening across the world.

‘We have to fight for a better world’

20 October 2021

We must champion diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace regardless of race, gender, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation, says Gloria Mills, president of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC).

Business resilience and wellbeing

20 October 2021

Boosting employee wellbeing can make a business more resilient to unexpected challenges and shocks, says Mike Robinson.

How technology is evolving to better protect lone workers

20 October 2021

Personal alarm devices that allow lone workers to call for help can now be integrated with technology such as body-worn and vehicle-mounted cameras, providing an additional level of protection, says Naz Dossa.

Maintaining general fire precautions

20 October 2021

The maintenance of general fire precautions is already a legal requirement under the respective UK fire safety regulations. However, there is likely to be more formal guidance produced in relation to this requirement in order to improve fire safety. As Mike Sopp explains, meeting legislative compliance by following British Standards should form part of the overall management of fire safety in all regulated buildings.