Drivers’ hours and working time rules for mobile workers on furlough

14 August 2020

Drivers on furlough and their employers must take care to ensure that they continue to observe the requirements of both the Drivers’ Hours and Working Time Regulations. This will particularly be the case where a driver is furloughed by one employer but continues to work for another. In this article, Richard Smith looks at the different scenarios.

Moving out of lockdown: public transport guidance for operators

14 August 2020

In its Covid-19 Recovery Strategy, the Government said that it wanted to begin a gradual return to work in England. While anyone able to work from home should continue to do so, it insisted, those who needed to be at their place of work should be looking to return as soon as employers confirmed it was safe. However, the guidance continued, what these returners should not do is overload public transport.

House of Commons report on the trade policy response to Covid-19

14 August 2020

Commenting on a wide-ranging report on the impact of Covid-19 on international trade by the International Trade Committee, its chairman said that the Department for International Trade (DIT) would need to provide the right support to UK businesses as they rebuild as well as to lead international efforts to respond to the disease through coordinated trade policy. “Their successes and failures will affect us all”, he said.

Powerless most likely to die at work, stats show

12 August 2020

Industries with high numbers of low paid migrant workers and workers on insecure contracts also report the greatest number of workplace deaths, according to the latest figures from HSE.