Post-lockdown Step 4 — back in the swim

30 July 2021

The removal of special Covid-19 measures this summer will mean coming to terms with both old, familiar and new health and safety issues in a changing normal where pupils deserve a sporting chance of success beyond the classroom and school gate.

Covid Secure: working safely in shops and branches

30 July 2021

Grainne Kelly summarises the updated Government guidance to help those who run and work in shops, branches and close contact services understand how to work safely during the coronavirus pandemic.

Covid Secure driving: getting back on the road

30 July 2021

The key principles in the Covid Secure guidance for working in or from vehicles provide a practical guide for hauliers and other operators on how to work safely during the current pandemic.

Profit from data

30 July 2021

Every business now generates masses of data. Understanding that information and extracting the value from it is no longer a black art. Instead, the ideas behind Big Data have filtered down to smaller enterprises that can now use affordable tools to make their data pay.

Are you OK? Mental health first aid training

29 July 2021

Should mental health first aid training become law? Laura King considers whether training can exist in isolation and how organisations can incorporate it into wider mental health support.

Planned changes to the UK operator licensing regime — EU Mobility Package

28 July 2021

While increased paperwork and border delays are among the most pressing concerns faced by UK hauliers since leaving the EU, the changes made necessary by the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) are still becoming apparent. In the most recent example, the Department for Transport (DfT) has issued a call for evidence ahead of introducing further rules from the EU Mobility Package for those operating goods vehicles between the UK and EU.

Coronavirus vaccine and your employees — HR considerations

28 July 2021

A vaccine to prevent serious health effects from coronavirus has been developed and made available to the public. In this article, Nicola Mullineux, Group Content Manager at Croner-i explores the top questions employers may have surrounding the vaccine, such as requiring employees to be vaccinated and more.