HR hot topics — an overview

12 May 2021

Throughout May, we are looking at some of the biggest issues currently facing HR and the steps employers can take to respond to them. Ben McCarthy, lead researcher and employment law writer at Croner-i provides an overview for some of the present key issues.

NHS Planning Guidance for 2021–2022

4 May 2021

In this feature Thoreya Swage, Healthcare Consultant, describes the planning guidance that NHS England has published for the NHS for 2021 to 2022.

Mental health challenges for practice staff during Covid-19

26 April 2021

As the UK continues to deal with the effects of coronavirus, mental health pressure remains acute. Managers and employers have the same duty of care to staff during the pandemic as at any other time, however, it is especially important during the crisis that staff and practice managers protect their own and staff mental wellbeing through open and honest dialogue regarding situations that have been encountered and those likely to be faced moving forward.

Health, safety and goodwill during Ramadan

9 April 2021

At Ramadan, participating employees often have to manage extra physical and mental stresses, fatigue and dehydration. Jon Herbert describes how flexibility, discussion and forward planning from employers can help everyone involved.

Saying sorry — the CQC’s updated Duty of Candour guidance

7 April 2021

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has updated its guidance for providers on Regulation 20: The Duty of Candour, here, making it clear that an apology, required to fulfil this statutory duty, does not mean accepting liability and will not affect a provider’s indemnity cover regardless of the health or social care, public or private sector involved.

Home office set up: a pain in the neck?

8 March 2021

Compared to 2019, musculoskeletal injuries are on the rise, with homeworking likely to be the culprit. Laura King considers the issues and solutions.