Forthcoming trade events January 2022

21 December 2021

This regularly updated events calendar notifies importers and exporters of forthcoming conferences, seminars/workshops, trade shows, trade missions and networking opportunities worldwide.

Cold weather risks in schools and early years provision

20 December 2021

Storm Arwen, which hit the UK in November, has already brought extreme winter weather this year, including high winds, snow and bitter cold. It left widespread disruption in its wake, including power cuts for large numbers of people. What are the risks to schools and early years providers during the winter months and what do they have to do to ensure that everybody stays safe?

Mobile phones in early years settings

20 December 2021

Whilst there is no statutory ban on mobile phones in early years settings, childcare providers are required to have a safeguarding policy which covers their use. Many safeguarding incidents are now connected to mobile phones or other online devices so it is essential that settings have clear policies and procedures in place to ensure they are used safely and appropriately.

Rethinking the reusable

20 December 2021

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, efforts to reduce our reliance on disposable packaging have stalled. However, a new wave of trials are beginning to re-energise the plastic-free movement. Laura King investigates.

Reporting incidents for passenger vehicle operators

20 December 2021

In April 2021 the DVSA revised the procedures for operators to report relevant incidents as required by s.20 of the Public Passenger Vehicles Act 1981 (PPVA) but many bus and coach operators remain unaware of these changes and the requirement to make a report. Here Andrew Woolfall, of Backhouse Jones Solicitors, looks at the increased reporting requirements and the implications of not meeting them.

Chemical database

17 December 2021

The Croner-i chemicals database contains over 110,000 chemicals records which are collated into single, comprehensive reference chemical charts. It is continually reviewed and frequently updated.

Ventilation in the workplace during winter

17 December 2021

One of the major tools you can use to combat Covid transmission is ventilation in the workplace. Unfortunately, during the winter months, opening windows and doors can have a detrimental effect on working conditions. Working in a cold environment can feel unpleasant and distracting. If your workplace is too cold, it can also pose health risks.

GHS Revision 9 changes

17 December 2021

In this feature article, Caroline Raine discusses the changes being brought into the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) Revision 9. The UN GHS Purple Book is updated every two years and the nineth revised edition of GHS (GHS Rev. 9) was published earlier in 2021.

Materials shortages and construction contracts

16 December 2021

Shortages of materials, supply chain problems and a lack of skilled workers are causing acute problems in the construction industry. Roland Finch looks at what has caused the current situation and steps that might be taken to resolve it.