Offshore wind turbines: managing the safety risks

1 July 2022

There are some important health and safety factors and risks that must be taken into account and carefully managed by those constructing, operating and maintaining offshore wind turbines and farms, explains Bruce Craig.

ESG reporting: how software can help

1 July 2022

With businesses increasingly required to publish data on how well they are managing the environmental, social and reputational impacts of their activities, software systems are an efficient way of recording, analysing and reporting the necessary information, says Christine Adeline.

Should homeworking be an excuse for pay cuts?

1 July 2022

Homeworking has its pros and cons, for both employees and employers. Cost savings in particular are high on the reasons for wanting to work from home, as employees cut out (or reduce) their commuting expenses and consider moving to a cheaper area, further from the office.

Mast climbing work platform safety alert issued

30 June 2022

HSE has warned the construction industry to carry out immediate safety checks on mast climbing work platforms (MCWPs) after a serious technical fault was found on some models that could cause the platform to fall from height, killing or injuring those working on it.

What’s in a friend?

30 June 2022

Good friendships at work can aid people’s mental wellbeing and engagement, even during hybrid and home working, argues Dr Samantha Peters.

Just a number: supporting an ageing workforce

29 June 2022

Everyone ages and as the UK’s population becomes proportionally older, so too will the workforce. Laura King looks at inclusive policies that support an older workforce.

ESG reporting: why it’s more important than ever

27 June 2022

With investors, customers and society increasingly expecting businesses to be able to prove they are acting in a way that protects the environment and people, accurate and credible ESG reporting is rapidly gaining in importance, says Dr Keith Whitehead.