Bus Back Better — Assessing the new National Bus Strategy

9 April 2021

The role of bus operators in the current deregulated marketplace is to deliver good customer service in a safe and efficient manner, while providing value for owners and shareholders. Balancing these often conflicting demands with very little outside support, bus operators have struggled to achieve these aims and have thus generally welcomed the National Bus Strategy as a positive step. Our Consultant Editor takes a look at this new strategy which pledges £3 billion of new funding to “level up” buses across England to London standards.

Covid Secure: working safely for food businesses including restaurants, pubs, bars and takeaway services

9 April 2021

The Government has updated its guidance for businesses to carry out their activities safely as step 2 of the road map out of lockdown for England commences on April 12. The aim is to provide employees, customers and others, such as contractors and delivery drivers, an environment safe and secure from the risk of Covid-19. Louise Dawkes considers the specific guidance for restaurants, bars and cafés, giving practical suggestions for workplace safety and other sources for help, advice and support.

Covid Secure: working safely in offices and contact centres

9 April 2021

As the Covid-19 crisis continues, the Government is regularly updating its advice to ensure that employers, workers and the self-employed work safely during the pandemic. Vicky Powell looks at the key points for working safely in offices, contact centres and similar working spaces.

Health, safety and goodwill during Ramadan

9 April 2021

At Ramadan, participating employees often have to manage extra physical and mental stresses, fatigue and dehydration. Jon Herbert describes how flexibility, discussion and forward planning from employers can help everyone involved.

Covid Secure: working safely in factories, plants and warehouses

9 April 2021

The UK Government has published a set of guidance documents to assist a range of workplaces with advice on establishing safe operations. Gordon Tranter considers the updated advice given to people who work in or run factories, plants and warehouses.

Chemical database

8 April 2021

The Croner-i chemicals database contains over 110,000 chemicals records which are collated into single, comprehensive reference chemical charts. It is continually reviewed and frequently updated.

Five ways to support your employees during Ramadan

7 April 2021

Ramadan is the holy month of the Islamic Calendar during which Muslims partake in religious observance, including ritual fasting from sunrise to sunset. This year, Ramadan is expected to run from 12 April to 12 May 2021 and we have outlined some key ways to support staff during this period.