Put people first

28 April 2021

With research showing the pandemic has negatively affected people’s mental wellbeing, supporting the emotional health of your staff has never been more important, says Samantha Peters.

Coronavirus in schools and early years settings

26 April 2021

What is coronavirus and what can schools and early years providers do to keep their pupils and children safe? Martin Hodgson provides comprehensive coverage of all the appropriate guidance.

Mental health challenges for practice staff during Covid-19

26 April 2021

As the UK continues to deal with the effects of coronavirus, mental health pressure remains acute. Managers and employers have the same duty of care to staff during the pandemic as at any other time, however, it is especially important during the crisis that staff and practice managers protect their own and staff mental wellbeing through open and honest dialogue regarding situations that have been encountered and those likely to be faced moving forward.

Clear green skies above

23 April 2021

Aviation is a potential stumbling block to the UK’s post-pandemic recovery and net-zero climate goals. Many believe carbon-neutral flight is pie-in-the-sky. But, as Jon Herbert explains, technical advances are putting air travel on an increasingly green trajectory.

Walking back to health and happiness

23 April 2021

Many of the best things in life are free. There is a very good case for walking regularly in the new post-pandemic, low-carbon environment ― and employers can support this. Jon Herbert reports.

Hosting the perfect online event

22 April 2021

Online events have been common for decades. Here we consider if the pandemic has permanently changed the events space and if we are now in an era where hybrid events will become the norm.

Educational benefits of school gardens and farms

22 April 2021

Now that pupils have returned to school following months of remote learning, Michael Evans considers the educational benefits of school gardens and farms and reflects on the ways that they can help to improve the wellbeing of pupils as they learn about issues of diet and nutrition, and the importance of the environment and sustainability.