Pressing the nuclear button

30 March 2021

Between 2021 and 2050, as well as a resolution for the Covid-19 crisis, the UK must create a net zero carbon society to meet the growing climate change emergency. Enormous amounts of clean green energy will be needed. Is going nuclear avoidable? Jon Herbert reports.

Using bus service information to gain new business

30 March 2021

With much speculation about the future of bus and coach travel, it is a good time to take stock of the potential opportunities to assist businesses recover. In the second part of his review, Tony Francis examines how the better use and distribution of bus service information can help secure the future of road passenger transport.

A step up

29 March 2021

Guidance has been published to make it easier to communicate the essential messages for safe working at height to designers, clients, managers and workers, says Peter Bennett.

Flying away from risks

29 March 2021

Unmanned drones could avoid the risk posed by using helicopters to inspect offshore wind farms, but much larger and more powerful models will have to be developed to cope with the strong winds, says Robert Garbett.

Heading for the top

29 March 2021

Aluminium scaffold towers can provide safe access to awkward high areas, but it’s essential they are only designed, assembled and dismantled by qualified personnel, says Don Aers.

Home alone

29 March 2021

Many people feel the recent shift to home working has boosted their productivity and work-life balance, so it’s crucial employers consider the views of staff when deciding whether to offer remote working as a long-term option, says Phil Pinnington.

Near-miss reporting book now available from HSE

29 March 2021

HSE has published a booklet designed to allow employers and employees to record near misses at work. The booklet features 46 pages of perforated forms upon which near-miss incidents can be recorded. The idea is to help employers identify any patterns and trends in near misses that could provide an early warning of the risk of accidents or other dangers to the health and safety of workers and others, such as the public.

The right card

29 March 2021

Smartcard technology is making it easier for construction site managers to check workers have the right qualifications, training and skills to work safely and in a competent manner, says Alan O’Neile.

Covid-19: Supporting children returning to nursery

26 March 2021

Research suggests that most parents are anxious about sending their child back to childcare or school and there is also widespread concern over the impact of Covid-19 on children’s mental health. Here we look at how early years providers can support the wellbeing of children as they return to their settings.