Breaking bad habits from lockdown

26 May 2021

A quick look at some ways to improve and protect your health as businesses re-open and people return to the workplace.

Supreme Court decision in Heathrow Airport case

24 May 2021

On 16 December 2020, the Supreme Court gave judgement in the case of R (on the application of Friends of the Earth Ltd and others) v Heathrow Airport Ltd. Heathrow Airport Ltd had appealed against a Court of Appeal decision that the Secretary of State had acted unlawfully.

Covid Secure: working safely in offices and contact centres

17 May 2021

As the Covid-19 crisis continues, the Government is regularly updating its advice to ensure that employers, workers and the self-employed work safely during the pandemic. Vicky Powell looks at the key points for working safely in offices, contact centres and similar working spaces.

Covid Secure: working safely in factories, plants and warehouses

17 May 2021

The UK Government has published a set of guidance documents to assist a range of workplaces with advice on establishing safe operations. Gordon Tranter considers the updated advice given to people who work in or run factories, plants and warehouses.

HR hot topics — an overview

12 May 2021

Throughout May, we are looking at some of the biggest issues currently facing HR and the steps employers can take to respond to them. Ben McCarthy, lead researcher and employment law writer at Croner-i provides an overview for some of the present key issues.

Court of Appeal decision in environmental permit regulations case

10 May 2021

On 21 August 2020, the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) gave judgment in the case of R (The Environment Agency) v Dean Andrew Ryder and Andrew Lawrence Green. Ryde and Green had appealed against their convictions for breaches of environmental permit regulations and a confiscation order.

Environmental policies

4 May 2021

Laura King looks at why an environmental policy is needed and how to ensure any existing policies are still fit-for-purpose.

Clear green skies above

23 April 2021

Aviation is a potential stumbling block to the UK’s post-pandemic recovery and net-zero climate goals. Many believe carbon-neutral flight is pie-in-the-sky. But, as Jon Herbert explains, technical advances are putting air travel on an increasingly green trajectory.