GIS — are we nearly there?

28 February 2012

From the time the first pixellated maps crept out into the digital landscape, GIS (Geographic Information System) has quickly evolved to become an important set of tools in environmental study, planning and management. Today, GIS is a very different animal from its 1960s' ancestors. Graham Morgan looks at how it has developed.

How dirty is your data?

28 February 2012

The cloud continues to integrate itself into business infrastructure but, with the drive to reduce costs and maintain high corporate social responsibility, the environmental credentials of data centres are now under the spotlight. Dave Howell reports.

Contaminated land: will new guidance bring faster progress?

22 February 2012

Revised statutory guidance for implementation of Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 has been laid before Parliament. But Defra’s proposed revisions to legislation governing contaminated land have raised concerns in some quarters. Rob Bell reports.

Climate change without change

8 February 2012

Jon Herbert looks at how the Met Office is plotting real world climate change as UK renewable energy use increases, but the future of electric cars hangs in the balance.

Air quality, London and the Olympics

8 February 2012

With the 2012 Olympic countdown well under way, and all eyes focused on London, the city’s and the Games’ environmental policies are coming under increasing scrutiny. Flemmich Web reports on the capital’s air quality in the run-up to the greatest show on Earth.

Beyond greenwashing

17 January 2012

Protecting the environment is now central to all organisations’ activities as they expand their CSR. But is greenwashing now a thing of the past? Dave Howell reports.

A growing interest in energy

11 January 2012

Biofuels would seem to be a natural renewable for a planet with a long-term history as a successful biosphere. Jon Herbert considers how human intervention might shape their future.