Business drought and climate change measures

1 May 2012

Energy efficiency is fast becoming a way of UK business life. Should water efficiency be equally intuitive? Despite grand plans to move water en mass around Britain, will behavioural change prove the main answer to supply sustainability, asks Jon Herbert?

The Green Investment Bank

24 April 2012

The coalition Government will make history this year with the launch of the world’s first investment bank dedicated to greening the economy. The bank will not be fully capitalised for another three or four years. John Barwise considers the credits and debits of the new green bank balance sheet.

UK shale gas exploitation likely to accelerate

23 April 2012

The shale gas industry has been given a recent boost with the publication of a Government-backed review recommending a series of measures to mitigate the risks of hydraulic fracturing (fracking). John Barwise reports.

How to grow your business and stay green

23 April 2012

Can a company increase its profits, reduce waste, improve its compliance standards and meet the aspirations of its stakeholders, while enjoying financial benefits such as lower capital limitations and a lower cost of debt? The answer is “yes”. Verity Hambrook explains how.

Community infrastructure levy and planning

17 April 2012

David Alexander examines the community infrastructure levy (CIL) system of planning charges to fund a wide range of essential or desirable infrastructure projects.

Managing your sustainable supply chain

17 April 2012

As sustainability and ethical procurement move from being buzzwords to standard expectations, SMEs may find the concept of managing corporate responsibility risks in their supply chains daunting. Soledad Milius suggests some practical starting points.

Air quality databases

11 April 2012

Paul Landau highlights the sources of both data and information on air-pollution measurements — both nationally and internationally — and summarises a selection of the main databases available.

Carbon versus the cost of renewables

3 April 2012

Necessity is intensifying the hunt for novel energy resources, both renewable and non-sustainable. But hard decisions could have long consequences. Jon Herbert explains further.

Contaminated land statutory guidance: a step in the right direction?

3 April 2012

As a follow-up to an earlier feature on Defra’s proposed revisions to Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 governing contaminated land, Rob Bell garners industry opinion and considers whether the new guidance is a step in the right direction.