Local council fined £100k for HAVS cases

23 October 2019

Dacorum Borough Council has been fined after seven of its grounds maintenance and street care workers developed hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS).

The skeleton in the closet

23 October 2019

Businesses need to do more to eradicate cases of modern slavery in their supply chains, argues Lottie Galvin.

Delivering change

23 October 2019

Hayley Spinks tells Anna Ryland about her career as a health and safety practitioner for global engineering consultancy WSP.

Dust that won’t go away

23 October 2019

Employers must ensure they are reducing workers’ exposure to harmful airborne dusts, argues Louise Hosking.

Power for the people: increasing energy resilience

22 October 2019

The UK electricity network is bringing forward smart and renewable energy revolution plans to increase resilience against outages like the one that left circa 1.1 million people ‘powerless’ in August. Meanwhile, businesses can take steps to protect themselves against blackouts.

The importance of time in construction contracts

21 October 2019

Time is an interesting concept. At its fundamental level it is used to describe the continuing progression of a sequence of events. Its precise definition might vary depending on whether you are looking at it from a religious, philosophical or scientific standpoint. Roland Finch looks at it from a construction point of view.

Personal Protective Equipment Toolkit

21 October 2019

This Toolkit advises on your duties as an employer when using, selecting, issuing and maintaining personal protective equipment for your employees.