The need for noise on construction sites

22 August 2019

The deaths in July 2019 of two rail workers have highlighted the need to be audio aware at all times on work sites. With near-silent electric vehicles becoming the norm across construction sites, Dave Howell looks at how a lack of noise can be a significant issue.

HSE flags fall in convictions for safety breaches as concern

21 August 2019

The number of convictions for health and safety breaches has plummeted in the past four-year period, latest figures show. HSE said in its report that solicitors querying cases in court and inspectors new to the job could be behind the drop.

Room for improvement

21 August 2019

India has been ranked in the bottom five countries globally for its performance on environmental health and ecosystem vitality, explains Keith Whitehead.

The harm of learning styles

21 August 2019

Out of all the myths that abound in L&D, perhaps the greatest of all, both in extent and longevity, is that of learning styles. Despite all the quality research undertaken over the last 15 years showing that learning styles do not work, many people simply refuse to believe the results and carry on using them to design learning provision. The question now needs to be asked whether the use of learning styles is actually harmful? Here, Judith Christian-Carter looks at the potential harm of using learning styles.

Legacy plans, the Good Work Plan and legislation — part 1

21 August 2019

In the last few months of the May premiership, there was a flurry of proposals and consultations on issues in employment law. Many of these proposals and the consultations set out in the Government’s Good Work Plan are to take forward the recommendations detailed in the 2018 Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices. The Good Work Plan is intended to “significantly change the enforcement landscape”.