Just a number: supporting an ageing workforce

29 June 2022

Everyone ages and as the UK’s population becomes proportionally older, so too will the workforce. Laura King looks at inclusive policies that support an older workforce.

Dogs at work: a way to get staff back to the office?

23 June 2022

According to figures from Statista, the number of households owning a pet jumped from 41% in 2019–20 to 62% in 2021–22. The UK has always been a nation of pet lovers, and these statistics show that remains the case.

Fresh air? Think very carefully before opening that window!

21 June 2022

Most people instinctively fling open a window to improve indoor air quality. That will reduce toxin levels for a while say experts, but close them tightly again to avoid pollution from roads, railways and industrial sites. Keeping the indoor atmosphere safe is now complex. Jon Herbert reports.

Preparing your workforce for the impending train strikes

16 June 2022

Following a vote, members of the RMT union will go on strike on 21, 23 and 25 June. Disruption is also expected on non-strike days because of too few staff working overnight. A special timetable from 20–26 June will be in effect. The RMT union includes drivers, guards, catering staff, signallers and track maintenance workers, and the action will effectively shut down the national railway network. It is anticipated that the service across Great Britain will be reduced to a fifth of its normal levels.

Workplace stress: foreseeability

15 June 2022

Is an employer under a duty to protect an employee from psychiatric injury due to workplace stress where it is reasonably foreseeable that the employee is at risk of suffering from that kind of harm? Barrister Robert Spicer reports on a recent case.

Too hot to handle?

14 June 2022

Gordon Tranter summarises what employers and employees should know about the potential hazards of working outdoors during hot weather and how to manage them.

Is there a legal indoor working temperature?

14 June 2022

Complaints about hot, stuffy offices are a common feature of UK summers. As the frequency of summer heatwaves increases, employers need to consider the effect of the heat on employees and take the steps necessary to protect their health and welfare. Gordon Tranter looks at the issues of a maximum office temperature, the risks of working in hot conditions indoors and the actions that should be taken to prevent heat stress.

Loneliness … easier to get through with help from other people

9 June 2022

The pandemic has left significant legacies. For many people, working remotely from home has opened up welcome and long-lasting opportunities. For others who draw strength from workplace companionship and camaraderie, it may have marked out a negative path to loneliness. Jon Herbert reports.

The Fire Safety Act 2021 — requirements and responsibilities

8 June 2022

The Fire Safety Act 2021 has now come in to force. It amends and clarifies the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 as it applies to residential properties. Mike Sopp explores the requirements of the Act and how the responsible person can ensure they are compliant with their fire safety responsibilities.

Employers urged to avoid tokenism during Pride month

8 June 2022

It’s easy to post a rainbow flag on social media for Pride month, but this act alone isn't going to help the fight for equality. You don't want to make a public gesture if you don't have a supportive environment to go with it.