What should employers do about sexual harassment?

11 May 2022

Employees deserve dignity and respect whilst at work. Sexual harassment undertaken by colleagues or third parties can impact that and have negative consequences on the physical and mental health of the individual, as well as their productivity and efficacy at work.


9 May 2022

For Mental Health Awareness Week this year, hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, the key theme involves raising awareness about the impact of loneliness on mental wellbeing. What exactly is loneliness, how does it impact mental health, and what can be done to address it in adult social care?

Improving early detection and management of sepsis

6 May 2022

When the pandemic created a need for healthcare professionals to consult remotely to prevent the spread of Covid-19 infection, the NHS soon saw the importance of good communications with the adult social care workforce. There have been calls for care home staff to be better trained in helping clinicians to monitor residents to improve the early detection and communication of certain health conditions, especially when the health of older people they care for rapidly deteriorates. One such example is how increased sepsis awareness in social care staff can support the early detection of the condition in the residents they care for.

Employing seasonal and atypical workers

6 May 2022

As we move towards the summer season, employers are likely to face disruption as a result of employees making the most of the lifting of Covid restrictions and the return of many public and social events. This is now, therefore, the time to put plans in place to manage this and limit the impact on productivity.

Te Whariki — New Zealand’s approach to Early Years curriculum

6 May 2022

Rachel Dearnley, Early Years Consultant and Trainer examines how this internationally respected, aspirational approach puts the child at the heart of the curriculum and takes account of their wellbeing, learning, tolerance and respect for cultural values.