Concessions for Transport Operators During Covid-19

7 October 2021

In order to cope with the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic and maintain essential transport, a number of relaxations have been made by the Government. The Senior Traffic Commissioner has also published a set of temporary updates to certain of the existing Statutory Documents that provide guidance to Traffic Commissioners when dealing with regulatory issues. These relaxations apply to England, Scotland and Wales only, as the arrangements for Northern Ireland are devolved.

Mathematics and the revised Early Years Foundation Stage

7 October 2021

The revised Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory guidance came into force in September 2021. Changes to the early years educational programmes include a fundamental shift towards children understanding number and numeracy, with less emphasis on shape, space and measure, writes Rebecca Fisk.

Post-Covid skills: time for change

7 October 2021

The pandemic has accentuated trends that were already changing how companies operate and skills needed for the future. Health and safety management is not exempt and must be updated to keep pace with changing times. Jon Herbert reports.


7 October 2021

Following Brexit the Government has decided to reintroduce Freeports with the aim of creating over 80,000 jobs and help increase trade in designated areas.

Chemical database

7 October 2021

The Croner-i chemicals database contains over 110,000 chemicals records which are collated into single, comprehensive reference chemical charts. It is continually reviewed and frequently updated.

NHS Covid Pass system launched

7 October 2021

The Government has launched a new NHS Covid Pass system which individuals are expected to use as evidence to confirm their Covid and vaccination status, and to apply for a permanent medical exemption from receiving the vaccine.

Don’t slip up on safety

6 October 2021

Slips, trips and falls on the same level are the most common cause of injury at work, but there are practical ways of preventing them, says Neil Hewitt.