MAD for it: wellbeing summit back with a buzz

17 November 2021

The fourth annual MAD World Summit returned to Central London on 21 October. MAD stands for Make A Difference and there was certainly a spirit of positivity and enthusiasm in the air. Safety Management attended to report on what’s new in the word of wellbeing and mental health.

Road Safety Week 2021 action pack available

17 November 2021

A free action pack of ideas and materials designed to enable businesses to participate in the UK’s Road Safety Week on 15–21 November is available from the road safety charity Brake.

Building an international network in a digital age

17 November 2021

Digital technology has caused considerable changes to the way that most exporting companies communicate with their customers, distributors, agents and other significant players. The ability to communicate by just touching a few keys, regardless of where we are, really ought to make it easier to build effective networks. But some people overlook the small details, often with damaging results.

Moving with the times through mobile learning

17 November 2021

People learn continually throughout their lives. People also learn regardless of where they are. More and more people are realising that learning is no longer confined to a “classroom”. They are now provided with adaptable learning experiences that cater to their preferences and that can be accessed when it suits them. All this has been made possible through the use of mobile learning. Here, Judith Christian-Carter, looks at this embodiment of flexible, future-forward learning, ie mobile learning.

Sexual exploitation in gangs and groups

16 November 2021

Young people subjected to a grooming process are usually tricked into believing that they are in a loving consensual relationship. They come to trust their abuser, without understanding that all along this is leading to their being abused. Former headteacher Michael Evans considers the links between child sexual exploitation and gangs.

Mandatory Covid vaccine in health and wider social care settings Q&As

15 November 2021

Since the announcement that the Government was to make Covid vaccination a legal requirement for workers in health and wider social care settings, employers are concerned about how it affects them and their staff. Laura Davie, Content Consultant at Croner-i, explores the typical Q&As regarding mandatory Covid vaccines in health and wider social care settings.

Road accidents involving dangerous goods

12 November 2021

In this feature, Caroline Raine discusses some recent road accidents involving dangerous goods and gives tips to prevent them from happening.

Temporary Concessions for Transport Operators

12 November 2021

Recognising the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic and other problems that have caused supply chain difficulties, a number of relaxations have been made by the Government in order to maintain essential transport.