HSE expands its Covid-19 advice

26 August 2020

HSE has expanded its Covid-19 guidance with new information on topics such as the role of ventilation in reducing the spread of virus, ensuring the safety of machinery and buildings in manufacturing plants and how to deal with shortages of respiratory protective equipment designed to protect workers from hazardous substances such as dusts and fumes.

EU exit transition watch — Had we but world enough and time

25 August 2020

If the politician and poet Andrew Marvell had ever got round to writing an “Ode to a Coy Trade Negotiator” he might have reminded them that some things you cannot simply keep putting off forever. Unfortunately, lacking his words of caution, the UK and EU teams have continued to meet and continued to report little or no progress.

Grey fleet management

25 August 2020

For many people, the most dangerous thing they do at work is drive on the public highway. Gordon Tranter considers the importance of managing the use of employees’ own vehicles for business.

Remote working and virtual learning

25 August 2020

Judith Christian-Carter takes an initial look at providing virtual learning with those working remotely both now and in the future.

Transitions post lockdown

24 August 2020

Rebecca Fisk explores approaches to transitions in early years settings and how circumstances have changed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The new RIBA Plan of Work

21 August 2020

With a new version published in 2020, Roland Finch describes how the Plan of Work from the Royal Institute of British Architects can be used as a template for design and manufacture in construction.