First-aid boxes and equipment

1 February 2012

Guidance covering the content of first-aid boxes has recently changed and is applicable from the beginning of 2012. What is the latest guidance and what do employers have to do to comply? Martin Hodgson explains.

The patent box of treats

1 February 2012

The government’s patent box policy could mean big tax breaks for companies with significant income from intellectual property, says Gary Moss

MEPs call for simpler public procurement rules

1 February 2012

Under EU public procurement legislation, every local and national public body that needs to buy goods and services over a certain threshold price has to invite tenders and to make this process available to suppliers in any of the Member States. The rules in place have, however, developed from directives first introduced in the 1970s and recently the European Parliament agreed that it was time for reforms to make it easier for small firms to bid. Paul Clarke explains.

How to pass the FA exam

1 February 2012

The Financial Accounting (FA) exam is a challenging step up from the knowledge phase of the ACA. Initially it can be difficult to absorb the quantity of information tested, however the exam is very mechanical and therefore relatively easy to pass with sufficient question practice and good exam technique.

The mobile technology revolution and RSI

31 January 2012

According to a survey by Virgin Business Media, 60% of those asked thought that the office will be obsolete by 2021, driven to extinction by an advancing technological tide.