Professor Löfstedt: an interview

2 February 2012

Following the publication of his government-commissioned review of UK health and safety legislation, the British Safety Council’s director of policy and communications Neal Stone asks Professor Ragnar Löfstedt about its key themes of encouraging a better understanding risk and the influence of the European Union on UK safety laws.

Germany’s tax treatment of outbound dividends deemed unlawful by ECJ

2 February 2012

In a recent case brought by the European Commission, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) found that Germany’s rules on the taxation of dividends paid to foreign companies established in another member state infringed the free movement of capital, one of the fundamental freedoms enshrined in European law.

Pension scheme trustees given top priority

2 February 2012

The Court of Appeal has upheld the High Court’s decision in the Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc/Nortel Networks Corp case, confirming that in insolvency proceedings, pension scheme trustees will have super priority status as creditors above other unsecured claims.

Partner or employee?

2 February 2012

When it comes to employment rights, working in a partnership is not as straightforward as it might seem, says Sarah Rushton

Transport issues for section 14 of an SDS

1 February 2012

In this article, Phil Todd takes a look at the various issues surrounding the safety data sheet (SDS) with reference to section 14 on Transport Information.