Young worker case studies wanted

9 February 2012

The European Agency for Occupational Safety and Health (2007) estimate that young people aged 16-24 are at least 50% more likely to be injured at work than older people. Furthermore the vast majority of all 16-24 year olds in the world live in developing countries where the health and safety risks are far more pronounced, and where there is less evidence and widespread under-reporting of workplace injuries and ill health. As a charity, we are passionate about raising awareness of young worker health and safety, and have set this as a priority area for 2012.

Mapping the talent matrix

8 February 2012

Identifying skill gaps and creating a talent map are critical to ensure effective investment in staff training, says Fiona Hotston Moore

Air quality, London and the Olympics

8 February 2012

With the 2012 Olympic countdown well under way, and all eyes focused on London, the city’s and the Games’ environmental policies are coming under increasing scrutiny. Flemmich Web reports on the capital’s air quality in the run-up to the greatest show on Earth.

The interface between REACH, CHIP/CLP and COSHH/DSEAR

8 February 2012

The introduction of REACH and its requirements have led to some uncertainty as to the relative roles of REACH, CHIP/CLP and COSHH/DSEAR, so in this article, Desmond Waight attempts to clarify and show that in some circumstances, the single process of assessing risk will meet both the REACH and COSHH/DSEAR requirements.

The problem with tax soundbites

8 February 2012

Historically, those outside the tax world talk about tax in relation to rates – but rarely in relation to tax policy. However, some tax policies do excite public interest. The best recent example is inheritance tax, where George Osborne’s announcement in opposition that he’d raise the exempt amount to £1m killed the idea of a snap general election and forced the government to introduce its own reforms, almost overnight. Tax experts may wonder how on earth a tax paid (at the time) by just 5% of estates could have such a large impact.

Climate change without change

8 February 2012

Jon Herbert looks at how the Met Office is plotting real world climate change as UK renewable energy use increases, but the future of electric cars hangs in the balance.

International Reporting: February 2012

6 February 2012

IFRS expert David Cairns provides a round-up of the key changes in international accounting standards and developments at the International Accounting Standards Board

Change of mind or mistake?

6 February 2012

The case of Turbine Motor Works Limited (TC1543) is an interesting case study in a situation where it may have appeared, initially that the taxpayer changed its intended use of a cost, but it was held that it had always had an intention which happened to be inconsistent with its original behaviour in claiming VAT on the cost.