Clearing the air on asbestos dangers to women

19 April 2022

Asbestos is killing more and more women every year. But evidence shows many still aren’t aware of the disease and how it can be acquired at work, reports Belinda Liversed.

Pregnancy and maternity protection — an overview of the law

14 April 2022

The Equality Act 2010 (EqA) is explicit in its prohibition of pregnancy and maternity discrimination. Yet, in the period 2020–2021, the employment tribunals in the UK heard 1435 cases of pregnancy and maternity-related detriment or dismissal, making it the 5th most common discrimination claim.

Emerging risks and challenges

14 April 2022

Recent events demonstrate that it is important for organisations to continually identify emerging risks. Mike Sopp explores the measures that can be put in place to maintain organisational resilience.

Progress on trade agreements towards 2022 target

13 April 2022

A target of 80% of UK trade to be covered by free trade agreements (FTAs) by the end of 2022 has been set by the Department of International Trade. The House of Commons Public Accounts Committee (PAC) in a report published in March said that represented a significant challenge.

Weighing up our past mistakes in regulating asbestos

12 April 2022

The UK’s approach to managing asbestos has been to act and then wait to see over the following decades if it was the right approach. Is this ‘hindsight’ policy working, asks SHW Live speaker Collette Willoughby.

Building Safety Bill offers some financial relief for leaseholders

12 April 2022

The Building Safety Bill will protect leaseholders in housing blocks from many of the costs associated with the remediation of fire safety defects, but more needs to be done to ensure insurance companies contribute to the remediation fund, says Royston Smith MP.