Video conferencing: safety and security considerations

23 July 2020

The explosion in home-based video conferencing and online messaging has introduced new security risk factors that many organisations are not taking into account. Alan Field considers some of the issues that may need to be managed.

Managing the use of LPG on premises

22 July 2020

Gordon Tranter considers the advantages of using liquefied petroleum gas and the safety considerations that must be taken into account by any organisation that uses and stores LPG.

Phasing-out petrol and diesel fuel

7 July 2020

The Government has already announced that no new petrol or diesel-powered cars or vans will be allowed to be sold after 2040 and is consulting (until 31 July) on bringing this date forward to 2035, or even earlier. This will also include hybrids using petrol or diesel engines. This article looks at the consequences and considerations for operators.

Managing violence and aggression during the Covid-19 pandemic

24 June 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has introduced a new type of workplace violence where someone claiming to be infected with the virus deliberately coughs or spits directly into the face of an individual. Mike Sopp advises on how to mitigate this risk.

Solving our sleep struggles in the pandemic

23 June 2020

Whether it’s weird, vivid dreams, tapping away on the laptop at 3am or just feeling exhausted — the Covid-19 pandemic is dramatically affecting work patterns and workers’ sleep. Vicky Powell highlights the latest research on sleep and shares the current advice from sleep experts on how to help workers cope — and feel rested — in the UK’s new working reality.

Risk management for COVID-19: the new normal

18 June 2020

The coronavirus is a new hazard that will require the implementation of new risk control measures. Mike Sopp advises on how to assess and control the risks of a return to the workplace.

Coronavirus risk assessment FAQs

15 June 2020

As the lockdown eases, many organisations are planning for employees to return to work. However, before that can happen, employers must carry out a workplace risk assessment.