Coronavirus — how to change behaviour

28 September 2020

Changing how people behave at work is always a challenge. Mike Sopp describes how a behaviour change campaign can be useful in encouraging Covid-19 secure behaviours.

How to guide for furlough

25 September 2020

This article provides guidance for managing furlough and the Job Retention Scheme. This information is being continually checked and updated where necessary where Government guidance changes.

Parental employment rights when children self-isolate

23 September 2020

Reader note — December 2020. This article refers to self-isolation periods of 14 days which was correct at the time it was written. Please note that self-isolation periods have undergone adjustment and may no longer be 14 days.

The Traffic Commissioners’ Annual Report 2020

15 September 2020

Each year the Traffic Commissioners (TCs) produce a report for the Secretary of State giving their observations from the year just gone and their strategic plans for the following year. The report also contains detailed statistics relating to their licensing and disciplinary functions. In this article Richard Smith outlines the main points of the 2019-20 report and examines some of the statistics included.

The furlough scheme — what is changing in September?

26 August 2020

For many employers, August has been the start of a very important period of post-coronavirus economic recovery. However, as September begins, employers need to be aware of the details pertaining to some upcoming changes to the Job Retention Scheme. Ben McCarthy, senior researcher and employment law writer at Croner-i, outlines this in more details below.

Cross-Channel trade in 2021

7 August 2020

Paul Clarke reports on the situation with regards to cross-Channel trade both pre and post-Brexit.

Rewriting the rules for the road haulage industry

5 August 2020

It has taken nearly three years to work its way through the adoption process but a major reform of the EU road transport sector has just been published in the shape of two Regulations and a Directive. Paul Clarke explains its relevance to UK hauliers, even after the end of the EU exit transitional period.

Video conferencing: safety and security considerations

23 July 2020

The explosion in home-based video conferencing and online messaging has introduced new security risk factors that many organisations are not taking into account. Alan Field considers some of the issues that may need to be managed.

Managing the use of LPG on premises

22 July 2020

Gordon Tranter considers the advantages of using liquefied petroleum gas and the safety considerations that must be taken into account by any organisation that uses and stores LPG.