How to deal with gaslighting at work

19 February 2021

In gaslighting, the bully wears their victim down with regular lies and unkind comments, slowly attacking their self-esteem and self-worth. Be aware, this kind of insidious behaviour in the workplace can destabilise your team.

Crossing the border and customs arrangements after leaving the EU

18 February 2021

Although a deal has been reached between the UK and the EU, the resultant free trade agreement will only cover the tariffs and duties to be paid on goods being moved and not the more complex customs arrangements that must be resolved at the border. Richard Smith here outlines the facilities and processes for the movement of general goods to France.

Bridge strikes — Your operator’s licence and what to do

11 February 2021

In recent years, bridge strikes have become another topic for “single issue” preliminary hearings and public inquiries faced by many operators, reports Andrew Woolfall of Backhouse Jones Solicitors. They join other types of incident such as wheel losses or insecure loads which then lead on to regulatory action being considered because of a single occurrence.

Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness — new law on tyres

9 February 2021

Christopher Wagner of Pellys Transport & Regulatory Law looks at the latest update to the DVSA’s Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness, reminds operators of the Guide’s importance and highlights the changes to Section 5.2 on tyre management.

Why following EU legislation is still a good idea

11 January 2021

For nearly 50 years UK businesses have had to take account of legislation arising from the UK’s membership of the EU. Paul Clarke examines the background to that legislation, describes to what degree it will apply now the UK has left the Union and discusses what impact future European law will have on those trading with the EU Member States.

Sending goods to the EU — problems and solutions

11 January 2021

A number of exporters to Europe have faced problems with sending their goods to the EU. Many lorries have been turned back at the border and over 150 have incurred fines in Kent for the failure to have complete paperwork. Here we identify the issues that are most frequently found and explain how to get it right first time.

UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement with the European Union

28 December 2020

The UK has reached an agreement on trade and cooperation with the EU. Tim Hiscock summarises what is known so far about the impact of the agreement on exporters and importers of goods, and all those involved in the movement of goods such as freight brokers and haulage companies.

Northern Ireland trade after the end of the transition period

14 December 2020

While attention in recent weeks has tended to focus on what will happen at the Channel ports when the UK leaves the single market on 31 December 2020, there is another border between the two. Recently, hauliers and businesses working in or trading with Northern Ireland have been being alerted to the considerable changes that they too can expect at the end of the transition period. The explanation for the forthcoming changes can be found in the Northern Ireland Protocol which was formulated as part of the 2019 Withdrawal Agreement signed by the UK Government and the European Union.

Customs and UK/EU border procedures from 1 January 2021

30 November 2020

The UK left the EU on 31 January 2020 and entered a transition phase, which ends at 11pm on 31 December. From that time, the UK will be outside of the Customs Union and Single Market. This will result in the biggest changes in international trade since in at least 50 years, and most of the changes will happen suddenly. Tim Hiscock looks at the new requirements as they affect international hauliers.