Workplace romances and break ups

5 February 2020

Romantic relationships between co-workers is not uncommon, with 65% of office workers admitting to having been involved in a workplace relationship according to a study by Approved Index. Addressing office relationships can be difficult as employees are likely to be protective over something they consider to be a personal matter. However, leaving this unchecked could create an uncomfortable situation in the workplace which means employers must approach this in a tactful manner.

Mental Health Act to be reformed

5 February 2020

Patients suffering from mental health conditions, including anxiety or depression, could be given greater control over their treatment after the Government pledged to reform the Mental Health Act.

New ministers appointed after election

5 February 2020

The Conservatives have made no major changes to the Government in areas related to occupational health and safety, following the December election.

Worker dies hours into new job

5 February 2020

A vehicle recovery and repair company has been fined after a man was crushed by a heavy goods vehicle hours after starting a new job.

Enforcement and sanctions — how they work

4 February 2020

The Environment Agency has released its latest enforcement and sanctions policy detailing how it intends to use its powers to secure compliance with environmental regulations to achieve the best outcomes for the environment and for people. John Barwise outlines the key aspects of the policy, focusing on when enforcement undertakings and variable monetary penalties may be applied.

Cancer in 2020 — controlling hazardous substances

4 February 2020

Many business organisations have been busy making plans to recognise World Cancer Day on 4 February. This year is the mid-point of a 2019–2021 drive to increase long-term cancer awareness and encourage more positive action in society and the workplace. Controlling exposure to hazardous substances is one significant step employers can take, reports Jon Herbert.

Focus on tinnitus

3 February 2020

Tinnitus is a debilitating and somewhat mysterious condition which affects one in eight people in the UK, often causing profound stress, sleep difficulties, anxiety and compromising hearing. Vicky Powell looks at what is being done to tackle tinnitus, how employers can protect their workers against developing these “phantom” symptoms and what sufferers themselves can do to find some relief.

Adding H&S to the school curriculum

31 January 2020

Modern health & safety practice in education should boost exciting learning opportunities and not create legal tripwires as many urban safety myths suggest, says the official regulator which is keen to help school employers, managers and staff. Jon Herbert begins a new series looking at realistic risk management.