Doubts over Dilnot

22 February 2012

Jef Smith reviews the still-uncertain prospects for a reform of social care funding.

Union challenge

22 February 2012

Independence, devo-max or the status quo? Scottish business must weigh up the pros and cons of the historic decisions ahead, writes Philip Smith

Contaminated land: will new guidance bring faster progress?

22 February 2012

Revised statutory guidance for implementation of Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 has been laid before Parliament. But Defra’s proposed revisions to legislation governing contaminated land have raised concerns in some quarters. Rob Bell reports.

EC audit reformer up before the Lords

21 February 2012

A senior European Commission director faced a grilling by members of the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee over EC proposals to reform the way in which audits are carried out, and how audit firms are run.

ASB clarity is a welcome step

20 February 2012

KPMG senior technical partner Andrew Vials considers the ASB’s FRS 100 proposals as a step in the right direction

How the NHS Commissioning Board will function

20 February 2012

At the meeting of the NHS Commissioning Board (NHSCB) on 2 February 2012, a proposal was presented on the design and function of the organisation together with the next steps for implementation. This was discussed against the background of the passage of the Health and Social Care Bill which is still going through Parliament and is currently at the House of Lords, writes Thoreya Swage.

FTT back on the EU agenda

20 February 2012

The announcement that the French plan to introduce a financial transaction tax revives speculation about whether it will – or can – become a reality across Europe.