Calculating the 52-week average for holiday pay

28 July 2022

In the UK, the minimum statutory requirement for paid holiday each year is 5.6 weeks — this can include public holidays and is capped at 28 days. There have been significant changes to the law surrounding holiday pay in recent years, with regulations now stating that regular overtime and commission payments need to be included.

Classification of titanium dioxide

28 July 2022

Caroline Raine explores the discussions, considerations and history into the classification of titanium dioxide (TiO2) and the controversial decision to classify it as a carcinogen.

PiLON: Putting our people first

27 July 2022

PiLON recently became a 10-time International Safety Award (ISA) winner in the distinction category in the 2022 awards, reports Belinda Liversedge.

Let’s make digging even safer

26 July 2022

LSBUD, a free portal that allows users, including contractors, construction companies and the public, to search for underground pipes and cables to avoid dangerous utility strikes, is proving more popular than ever, explains Richard Broome.

Railways — on track for sustainability

26 July 2022

The UK’s railways have historically undergone numerous controversial cuts and reorganisations. Traditionally, many come with long delays. However, rail now faces the challenges of climate change, a net-zero destination and arrival times too important to be missed. Jon Herbert reports.

Cutting through the noise

25 July 2022

Advances in hearing protection technology are making it easier to warn workers in real-time to protect themselves from hearing damage — and spot those who could be at greatest risk, explains Neal Muggleton.