Brexit Watch — 2020 vision

6 January 2020

It was clear during the recent election campaign that Boris Johnson and his team had agreed on the simple message “Get Brexit done” given that he and his Ministers repeated the slogan at every opportunity. The reactions to it were two-fold: one, it was very effective in delivering votes; and two, it was some distance from the truth. What the Prime Minister was promising to “get done” with his “oven-ready deal” was to persuade Parliament to back the Withdrawal Agreement that he had negotiated with the European Commission in the weeks before Christmas.

Having a financially healthy childcare provision

3 January 2020

Many providers have their accounting year end at the end of the calendar or fiscal year (31 December or 31 March), but whatever the provision’s year-end date Val Moore reminds us that childcare is a business, must be run on business lines and that includes keeping control of the finances.

Is it really gone? Data sanitisation for small businesses

3 January 2020

When computers and other devices are replaced, the data they contain must be erased. However, often sensitive information can remain. How should all small business owners manage data destruction? Dave Howell reports

Recruiting more men into the early years

3 January 2020

With one of the lowest levels of male participation of any workforce in the UK, the early years sector faces many challenges in addressing the gender imbalance in childcare provisions. Elizabeth Walker looks at the barriers to male recruitment and the latest guidance for early years providers on encouraging more men into childcare.

Fragrance classification under CLP

2 January 2020

Fragranced products are required to be classified, and if hazardous, labelled according to the Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) Regulation, unless covered by other sectoral legislation. This article looks at what types of hazards may be present in these products, what sort of information may be needed for classification, and at some of the issues that suppliers may face when labelling these products.

Transport of dangerous goods exemptions

2 January 2020

In this article on the transport of dangerous goods by road, Caroline Raine discusses exemptions that may be used to reduce the requirements when transporting dangerous goods. Caroline will highlight the small load exemptions, limited quantities and special provisions.

Classification of titanium dioxide

2 January 2020

Caroline Raine explores the recent discussion and considerations into the classification of titanium dioxide (TiO2) and whether it should be classified as a carcinogen.

Minimum font sizes for labels

2 January 2020

A question that many companies often ask when drawing up labels for hazardous chemicals is “Does the CLP Regulation specify a minimum font size for labels?” In this article, we address the legal obligations and other guidance available to help suppliers ensure their labels are readable and meet minimum requirements.

Climate rebellion, Brexit and more — a review of 2019 and what’s to come

27 December 2019

Climate emergencies, Extinction Rebellion and 12 years to save the planet, have dominated the global media over the last twelve months. Back in the UK, gridlock over Brexit and a general election have been the main headliners, but a crack-down on waste crime, the Environment Bill, and growing concern over air pollution have also had a fair share of media attention. In this review, John Barwise looks at some of the key environmental milestones of 2019 and what businesses might expect from a new Conservative government over the next five years.