All jobs greener: why we need workforce transformation for a sustainable future

24 June 2022

The shift to a green economy will create green jobs within new and emerging sectors, while those working in existing sectors will have to gain the requisite green skills to take advantage of the business value-creation opportunities that come from embedding sustainability across the whole organisation, argues Martin Baxter.

Mental health podcasts from Make UK

24 June 2022

A series of podcasts in which wellbeing and HR experts from the UK’s manufacturing industry explore the most effective ways of supporting workers’ mental health has been launched by Make UK, the trade body for UK manufacturing.

Finding the limit to philosophical belief

23 June 2022

Philosophical belief is protected by the Equality Act 2010 (EqA). However, what constitutes such a belief is not clear cut. Following recent case law that identified factors that can limit a belief “qualifying” for this protection, we ask what can limit a belief from being one worthy of protection? And what if that belief includes an obligation to break the law?

Workplace learning — the great reshuffle

23 June 2022

Is something seismic occurring in the world of L&D? There is some strong evidence that many organisations are taking a fresh look at their business strategies, workforce models, values and culture, often as a result of new demands from employees. As a result, L&D itself is being transformed in ways that many people have been crying out for over a number of years. In this article, Judith Christian-Carter dips into some recent research that shows that learning is currently leading the way through what is being called the “Great Reshuffle”, a period unlike anything in the history of work.

Should we export waste plastic film?

23 June 2022

The Environment Agency’s chief executive has recently (April 2022) called for a ban on exports of waste plastic from the UK. This follows in the wake of scandals where packaging from UK brands has been found illegally dumped by the roadside in Turkey, sometimes after being burned. Caroline Hand investigates.

Dogs at work: a way to get staff back to the office?

23 June 2022

According to figures from Statista, the number of households owning a pet jumped from 41% in 2019–20 to 62% in 2021–22. The UK has always been a nation of pet lovers, and these statistics show that remains the case.

What’s my number? Classifying goods for international trade

22 June 2022

Every time goods cross an external customs border, there has to be a formal customs declaration. One of the most basic pieces of information that is always required is a tariff number, a code that identifies the goods and defines any restrictions, requirements or charges that will apply. Exporters and importers need to know their codes because nobody (apart from HMRC) can classify their goods for them.

Why a consistent approach is developing in advance care planning

22 June 2022

The importance of having sensitive conversations to understand and record a person’s wishes about their realistic care and treatment choices in advance, and for there to be shared understanding with their families and clinical professionals in an emergency, has never been more obvious than during the pandemic. In this feature, Christine Grey looks at how national consistency is being brought to practice so that people and health and care staff are fully informed about, and share the same understanding and expectations of, advance care planning.

Navigate-Chemicals legal register

21 June 2022

While there is no legal requirement to have a legal register, companies often use them as part of management systems aligned with international standards. Caroline Raine explains what a legal register is and how it can be a practical tool that improves efficiency and helps to reduce costly mistakes.