Let’s make digging even safer

26 July 2022

LSBUD, a free portal that allows users, including contractors, construction companies and the public, to search for underground pipes and cables to avoid dangerous utility strikes, is proving more popular than ever, explains Richard Broome.

Railways — on track for sustainability

26 July 2022

The UK’s railways have historically undergone numerous controversial cuts and reorganisations. Traditionally, many come with long delays. However, rail now faces the challenges of climate change, a net-zero destination and arrival times too important to be missed. Jon Herbert reports.

Cutting through the noise

25 July 2022

Advances in hearing protection technology are making it easier to warn workers in real-time to protect themselves from hearing damage — and spot those who could be at greatest risk, explains Neal Muggleton.

Critical minerals — how do they impact your business?

25 July 2022

Critical minerals are vital to modern day living and crucial for an emerging low carbon economy. All businesses rely on these minerals to some extent. Yet, rising global demand, combined with geopolitical tensions, is leading to concerns over security of supply in the UK and elsewhere. John Barwise looks at the issues and considers what businesses can do to avoid shortages.

What impact are Integrated Care Systems likely to have?

21 July 2022

The Health and Care Act 2022 has introduced 42 Integrated Care Systems across England, abolishing clinical commissioning groups and transferring their commissioning powers to the new bodies. In this feature, Deborah Bellamy explores what this will mean for health and care services.

Attendance at work during lockdown

21 July 2022

The employment tribunal has given judgment in a case involving the dismissal of a worker who was concerned about attending work premises and using public transport during the coronavirus lockdown. Robert Spicer reports on the recent case of Accattatis v Fortuna Group (London) Ltd (2021).

Neonatal leave and tip protection back on the legislative agenda

20 July 2022

You may recall that the Queen’s speech contained a few surprises for organisations, the biggest being the absence of the Employment Bill. This caused many within the HR and employment law community to question when, if ever, certain rights would come into force. Now, however, through the more unusual route of a “Private Members Bill” in parliament, at least two of those rights look set to go ahead: neonatal leave and protection for hospitality workers tips.