Trading with Northern Ireland

7 July 2021

When the UK left the European Union, special arrangements were put in place for trading with Northern Ireland. Here we examine the current operation of the protocol.

VAT after Brexit

7 July 2021

As the UK is now outside of the EU, how VAT is applied and collected is now potentially more complex. So how should small businesses who trade with any EU state approach VAT to ensure full compliance?

Long Covid: the government needs to act now

7 July 2021

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimates that one million people are living with long Covid across the UK, and the impact continues to blight working people’s lives, writes Layla Moran, Liberal Democrat MP.

EU exit watch — Five years later, is Brexit done?

5 July 2021

It is now five years since people in the UK heard David Dimbleby say, “The British people have spoken and the answer is, we're out”. In the latest “EU exit watch” we look at how things have progressed so far and what is still left to resolve.

The management of chronic illnesses at work

2 July 2021

The number of working-age adults is declining and consequently many people need to carry on working longer. As a result, more people in the workforce are living with a longstanding health problem. Gordon Tranter outlines how those affected by chronic conditions can be helped to function in the workplace.

FAQs on employing foreign nationals post-Brexit

2 July 2021

The FAQs below detail everything organisations need to know regarding the employment of foreign workers following our exit from the EU. This information is being continually checked and updated.