Wheel Security — minimising the risks

9 July 2021

The success of any commercial transport operation relies on its vehicles travelling to their destination in a safe, secure and timely manner. Here, Christopher Wagner of Pellys Transport & Regulatory Law considers the importance of wheel safety in the prevention of wheel loss incidents.

The importance of providing culturally appropriate care

8 July 2021

Health and Social care providers need to deliver services that recognise the social, cultural and linguistic needs of service users and ensure these are appropriately met, enabling individuals to feel understood and valued. In this feature, Deborah Bellamy explores why it has become increasingly important for care services to deliver person-centred culturally sensitive care, how the CQC’s guidance underpins this, what the relevant CQC regulations are, as well as key questions, tips and what training is available.

What is the Pilot events programme and what are the findings?

7 July 2021

Anyone watching the football or the tennis on TV might be intrigued as to how so many people appear to be attending them, given that Covid-19 restrictions for events in place are capped at no more than 4,000 people for outdoor events.